April 07, 2009

Marriage Equality Comes to Vermont

Vermont's legislature not only permits marriage equality by overturning the governor's veto; in doing so, it became the first state to institute equality without a court ruling.

Vermont Passes Gay Marriage Bill

Let's hear it for the Vermont legislature: Governor Jim Douglas had vetoed a bill allowing gay marriage in his state, but his veto was overturned today by members of Vermont's legislature, with a 23 to 5 vote in the Senate and a 100 to 49 vote in the House.

So now gay marriage is legal in Vermont.

It feels so good to write that.

It feels good to read this and I'm rejoicing for New Englanders that now have equality. At the same time it upsets me because I still can't marry in New York. I don't want to move from NYC, but will if something doesn't change soon. Very, very soon.

Posted by ronn at April 7, 2009 10:25 PM

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