March 06, 2009

Obama Fried Chicken & Pizza

Obama Fried Chicken & Pizza
Obama Fried Chicken & Pizza, originally uploaded by ronntaylor

I finally broke down and went inside. I ordered the 6 mixed pieces. Had to wait several minutes, so I went outside and took the pic. It's crappy because my digicam was batteryless and I used my Rant cam. Went back inside and observed the workers and customers. Besides a couple of other African Americans, most of the clientele was West African. I asked a man that appeared to be the manager (owner?) if the joint was always called Obama Fried Chicken. He said yes, but the sistagirl waiting at the window shook her head no and sucked her teeth. My new roomie says she thinks it was a Kennedy Fried Chicken till recently.

The manager (owner?) is apparently from Burkina Faso. He was excited when a middle-aged man with his young daughter answered his question -- Where are you from? -- with Burkina. They talked in their native tongue and behaved as if they were long-lost relatives.

The food? Mediocre. I've had better at Crown and Church's Fried Chicken spots. I'll try to get a day time shot to show the complete sign.

UPDATE: I found a better pic here.

Posted by ronn at March 6, 2009 01:17 AM

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