January 03, 2009

The Mac, Truly Grown Up

Blogger's Note: My OMG! Has it been that long since I last blogged?!

[ via John Gruber's Daring Fireball ]

25 Years of Mac: From Boxy Beige to Silver Sleek By Steven Levy

..Here's what's amazing about the Mac as it turns 25, a number that in computer years is just about a googolplex: It can look forward.

The Mac's original competition—the green-phosphorus-screened stuff made by RadioShack, DEC, and then-big kahuna IBM—now inhabit landfills, both physically and psychically. Yet the Macintosh is not only thriving, it's doing better than at any time in its history. Much of the attention directed at Apple over the past few years has focused on new products like the iPod and the iPhone. Click wheels and touchscreens have distracted us from the news that the Mac market share has quietly crept into double digits. That's up from barely 3 percent in 1997, just before the prodigal CEO returned to the fold after a 12-year exile. Any way you cut it, the Mac is on the rise while Windows is waning. Roll over, Methusela—the Macintosh is still peaking.

What's behind this autumnal upswing? Apple COO Tim Cook lists six factors >>>

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