August 01, 2007

Books In 15-Minutes & $3 A Pop?!

Simply put, this sounds amazing. It could help me tremendously if used smartly.

And Now, Folks, Behold the 15-Minute Publisher

Today, the book business is faster still, but few things are as fast as something called the Espresso Book Machine, the product of a high-tech publishing venture that has nothing to do with caffeine.

Yesterday, in the lobby of a Midtown branch of the New York Public Library, three visitors a graduate student, a Hong Kong publishing executive and a sixth grader stood in various states of awe as a Rube Goldberg contraption produced a book from digital code to hefty paperback in under 15 minutes.

The book machine, which occupies the space of two deli-style ice cream freezers, looks like office photocopiers attached to a tinted stereo cabinet and computer terminal. It hums, makes spitting noises, moans and then belches out a newly glued book, fresh as bread and almost as hot.

Posted by ronn at August 1, 2007 11:53 PM

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