July 31, 2007

Race: The Final Frontier

I know, I know, I know.... lots of SciFi/SpecFic lately. That happens when you're on the Carl Brandon Society mailing list:

Race, The Final Frontier: Black science-fiction writers bring a unique perspective to the genre By Vanessa E. Jones

Earlier this month at Readercon, a convention for fans of fantasy/science fiction at the Burlington Marriott, Marlin May was one of perhaps two blacks in the room. But that didn't intimidate May. He had just made arrangements to meet a science-fiction writer for dinner, showing how much comfort this fan had found in this world.

"They're the most accepting group of folks I've ever been with," says May, 47, of Lowell.

But Eon Harry, a black man who lives in Somerville, has had a different experience. "I don't feel particularly embraced," says Harry, 41. No sense of community enveloped him when he attended Readercon for the first time last year, though he's not sure whether race or some other factor is to blame.

"I find that readers are an insular lot," Harry says. "It may have had as much to do with the fact that I was a new face."

Posted by ronn at July 31, 2007 12:41 PM

Since I'm mentioned in the first paragraph, I felt compelled to blog about Ms. Jones' article. Focused on the personal, and personal experience, rather than on the important global issues raised. http://www.doublefeature.com/unconventionaut/ Posted by: zentinal [TypeKey Profile Page] on August 4, 2007 09:38 PM
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