October 23, 2006

Happy 5th Birthday iPod

UNEASYsilence Happy Birthday iPod: Full Video of Your Launch

Five years ago today, Apple unleashed to the world the iPod. At its launch it was much maligned, but as history has shown this is arguably Apples [most] successful product.

I remember the launch of the iPod (well, actually, the announcement. The iPod wouldn't appear until mid-November). I thought Jobs had lost his mind. Of course, buying a minidisc recorder two weeks prior probably had something to do with it. Well once I got to read reviews of the iPod's ease of use, about the quick song uploads, and great sound, I knew I made a mistake. The minidisc recorded in real time, was buggy, and the sound wasn't that great (especially if you recorded in long-play format). It took me three years to finally get my first iPod. And I'm in the market for my second after nearly two years of mostly carefree music listening.

Posted by ronn at October 23, 2006 07:13 PM

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