September 29, 2006

How Do I Look?

How Do I Look?
How Do I Look?, originally uploaded by ronntaylor

Got a chance to hang with Donald a bit last nite. We attended a benefit screening of "How Do I Look?" A fun-filled, intriguing look at the Ball scene since 1990.

While the event was well attended, I thought it was a bit ... lacking (?). I don't fault anyone because I mos def felt it was from the heart.

Although I won this DVD, it was disheartening to know that I was the only one that bought raffles. One for myself, one for Donald. Guess they should have announced raffles were still available before the screening.

My digicam died while taking some test shots. So I'll have to wait to finish & develop the roll in the Orbit 360F some time next week.

Posted by ronn at September 29, 2006 09:35 PM

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