September 14, 2006

Pogue Reviews Apple's 'Showtime' Event

Although I'm somewhat excited about last Tuesday's announcements from Apple, I'm just not in the mood to report/rant about it. Thankfully, Dave Pogue does another bangup job describing the big picture from the event. Here's, IMMHO, the gist of the presentation:

New York Times | New at Apple: Smaller iPods, Bigger Ideas

Apple's fourth announcement this week addresses that last problem. It's a $300 box, called the iTV for now and scheduled for release early next year. It's designed to connect to your TV (with HDMI or component jacks) and play without wires all of the movies, videos, photos and music that sit on your Mac or PC elsewhere in the house.

There are advantages to downloading your movies, like immediacy and convenience. It's nice, too, that your movies play in several places at once (on up to five computers and unlimited iPods), which isn't possible with a DVD. Over all, though, it may take quite awhile for movie downloads even Apple's to go mainstream.

Apple's digital music system is another story. You can resent Apple all you want, you can call its admirers fanboys, and you can gripe that songs from iTunes don't work on any pocket player except the iPod.

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