June 09, 2006

'Unknown Weegee' At ICP


I love this picture, because although it somewhat surprises me, it's typical Weegee. From the New York Times:

Arthur Fellig, better known, and very well known, as Weegee (1899-1968). From the 1930's into the 1950's, he was a photographer for New York tabloids, the kind of papers Ralph Kramden might have read. Tireless, loquacious, invasive, he cruised the wee hours. For him the city was a 24-hour emergency room, an amphetamine drip.

There's no excuse for me not to make this show-

"" remains through Aug. 27 at the , 1133 Avenue of the Americas, at 43rd Street, (212) 857-0000.

And enjoy the slideshows of some of the photographs at the above NY Times link.

Posted by ronn at June 9, 2006 07:40 PM

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