April 18, 2006

LomoKikuyu: It's Good To See Again!

I've mentioned Lomo cams on this site before. Here's a good cause through the Lomographic Society International:

It's good to see (again) Every Lomographer and their friends and acquaintances the world over is being appealed to donate 30 Euros or 30 American dollars and so save somebody's eyesight. This is roughly how much it costs our internationally active partner organisation to carry out cataract surgery, to restore the eyesight of somebody who has gone blind. We immediately pass on the full 100% of all donations to Light for the World, and in the bat of an eyelid it'll be used to finance an operation in Kenya so a person can see (again). Everybody who saves somebody's eyesight will also receive a copy of a wonderful Lomographic book describing the special story of LomoKikuyu in words and about a thousand Lomographic images.

Additional information can be found at-

- Christoffel Development Cooperation is an Austrian, non-governmental development organisation committed to helping people who have eye diseases, are blind or otherwise disabled in underprivileged regions of our world, irrespective of gender, origin, ethnicity or religion.

We focus our work on prevention and cure of blindness and rehabilitation of blind and otherwise disabled persons.

Posted by ronn at April 18, 2006 10:29 PM