April 10, 2006

Loose Change = New Songs

Via The iPod Observer & observed at by Cecily Walker Kidd (AKA The BlogMother)

announced Monday that iTunes gift cards or eCertificates have been added as options at Coinstar Centers. Coinstar operates kiosks at grocery stores and other retail outlets across the U.S. that convert loose coins to cash for an 8.9% fee. The company also offers several gift card options, now including iTunes, that make the conversion into a fee-free transaction.

In the company's announcement, Coinstar noted that there is an estimated US$10.5 billion in spare change hoarded in the U.S. As the company put is, "that's 10 billion iTunes downloads to be had, which is enough to fill nearly 44 million1GB iPod Shuffles!"

Two points: 1. Go to and you can convert your change for free. (Of course, you may have to stand in line with a less than pleasant smelling homeless person, so 8.9% may be worth it!) 2. Shows you how ingrained the is in today's society when it's mentioned so matter-of-factly.

Posted by ronn at April 10, 2006 05:26 PM