March 24, 2006

More On The Dwan Prince Gay-Bashing Trial

Gay City News reports on the Gay Bashing Trial. Focusing on survivor Dwan Prince's testimony:

Trial in Brutal Bklyn. Attack Underway

Seated in a wheelchair, Dwan Prince, a gay man, testified at the trial of Steven Pomie, the man who is alleged to have committed the assault that put Prince in that wheelchair.

"I lost everything that night," Prince said in a slightly slurred voice during his March 22 testimony. "I'm paralyzed the entire left side of my body, even my face... I can barely walk now. I used to be able to run fast."

Since the June 8, 2005 assault in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, Prince, 28, has had three surgeries to repair damage to his brain, though Dr. Gordon Anderson, the neurosurgeon who performed one of those operations, testified that Prince will never fully recover.

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