March 22, 2006

Steve Didn't Ask Me, But...

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The Macintosh Is 22, originally uploaded on January 24, 2006 by ronntaylor

Here are five things I expect on or around Apple's 30th Anniversary on April 1st, and four to six weeks afterwards (in the order of appearance):

1. MacBooks - replaces the ever-popular iBook. With the educational market looking to complete purchases for the 2006-07 school year, this is a given.

2. Prosumer portables - bigger and more powerful than a MacBook, but not as powerful as a MacBook Pro. The long-rumored 13.5" laptop maybe? forget about an Apple tablet though. Well, at least for now.

3. A true Video iPod (iPod AV?) - this may actually be the first surprise around the 30th anniversay; content deals and manufacturing schedules will be key. With rumors that this product is ready but being put off due to haggling with studios, maybe the Pixar-Disney deal and Steve Jobs' desires will force a release.

4. Across the line inclusion of Front Row, including the Apple Universal Remote, and the Bonjour instant networking scheme. Apple entrenches the Mac even deeper in the living room, preparing for a complete takeover beginning with Mac World San Francisco 2007.

5. Upgrade to the iLife suite - the introduction of a mid-level app. Wildcard: Windows versions. Of course, I'm probably only dreaming about the latter item. This would, however, be a great tool to entice even more switchers to the good side.

My predictions are almost always complete junk, but I expect at least two of these to pan out before June of this year. Less than ten days to go to see what comes of the 30th anniversary of Apple.

Posted by ronn at March 22, 2006 10:14 PM