March 19, 2006

Brandon Flyte Responds

After the Oregonian printed a slanted, "libelous" story, many have turned against the teen. I find it curious that so many initially supported the teen, then just as suddenly disbelieve him and his story. For what it's worth, I believe his side and see the administration -- essentially in the form of district superintendent Woehl -- as trying to cover their collective ass.

From Queerty:

Queerty Query: Brandon Flyte / Queerty

I've been accused of lying about my expulsion, but that has never been the case. The school never actually called it an expulsion and I acknowledged that from the beginning (see the introduction on my site). I just believe in calling things what they are, and whether you call it a transfer or an expulsion, I haven't been permitted to attend classes at West Linn High for almost three weeks.

I was asked to edit out the 'snuggle scene' as part of the assignment for my English class, and although I don't and didn't feel that what I had made violated the no sex/no nudity rule, when I showed it in English I complied with that request. It was in a different class -- which had ASKED for me to show my film -- where I showed the complete film and got in trouble. Also, due to the poorly written nature of the Oregonian article, it is structured to appear as though I was responsible for the threatening e-mails written to the school. Those e-mails were not written by me, nor at my request. I would never encourage threats or violence toward someone you disagree with. That's the whole point of the film I tried to make, after all.

There's much more at the above link and on Brandon's own site and Queerty.

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