March 15, 2006

Maybe The School Should Be Renamed 'Bullshit (Piled) High'

All those wasting time, energy and money because "Brokeback Mountain" lost the Best Picture Oscar should perhaps refocus on this:

Oregon student dismissed over student film 'Brokeback High'

A straight student says he was expelled Monday from West Linn High School in Oregon for showing a student film, which he had been assigned to make, titled Brokeback High. The film is a "gay love story" based on themes from Brokeback Mountain but set in a modern-day high school.

Brandon Flyte said on his Web site Tuesday that the school is not calling the dismissal an expulsion. He has been transferred to nearby Clackamas Community College, where he will spend the last two months of his senior year, but will be allowed to walk with his high school class at graduation and attend the prom as a guest, "depending on behavior this spring related to West Linn High School."

Flyte says that before he showed his film to the English class in which it had been assigned, he was required by the administration to edit out a scene of the two lead male characters snuggling together shirtless in bed. But then he also showed the film to his marine biology class with the disputed scene left in. "Apparently the administration thought that this was a big enough violation to warrant an expulsion," he said.

UPDATE: Apparently the school has reinstated Flynt after saying the "transfer was done with his best interests" in mind. Yeah right!

Posted by ronn at March 15, 2006 08:27 PM