February 28, 2006

Steve Jobs' Idea Of 'Fun'

So today Apple will reveal what they meant when they sent out invites to select media with the teaser of "fun" things to be introduced. I'll be watching Mac Rumors (and other Apple/Mac news and rumor sites) for their coverage of Apple's media event. Like them, I foresee an introduction of a new, improved iPod boombox. Something that connects with an iPod, but maybe just as easily with iTunes, or even maybe something similar to AirTunes. Some expect (but not I) that it will give Mac/Computer users the ability to wirelessly broadcast videos from iPods. We'll see. I don't expect to see a "true" Video iPod, especially one with touch-screen capabilities. Or a PDA. Hell, not even a Mac mini with Intel inside.

Time will tell. I'll update when I can.

Posted by ronn at February 28, 2006 08:15 AM