January 10, 2006

MWSF 06 Report Card

See Apple Insider for all the details. Especially since they were the one Apple/Mac rumors/news site with the most accurate predictions.

***Refer to my previous post for my MacWorld San Francisco 2006 predictions.

A. Mac Mini - Score = F

Completely off. Left untouched with no hint that there'll be an update anytime soon. Indeed, I suspect that the next non-speedbump update won't happen till after this summer's MWDC.

B. iBook - Score = F

Not one change. Possible update before MWDC inline with the new PowerBook replacement, MacBook Pro

C. iPod Shuffle - Score = F

No change in sight. I guess Apple is leaving a good thing alone.

D. iMac - Score = F

Far from leaving this stalwart alone, Apple has made this a must-have for us MacHeads in need of hardware updates. I have to seriously consider this instead of a Mac mini (unless it gets updated within the next 4 - 6 weeks).

F. iPod - Score = A+

No change. And no, the remote doesn't count.

G. Power Macs- Score = A+

It looks like MWDC 2006 will see the Power Macs (or whatever they'll be called if the new MacBook Pro is any indication) updated similar to today's announcements.

I. Powerbooks- Score = D

Although I said no updates, the MacBook Pro is an introduction with the new software, updated software and pretty much unique form factor. But it is the professional line of portables getting the Intel processors, which I didn't foresee at all.

II. Mac Mini- Score = Incomplete, already covered by A. above

III. iWorks- Score = B-

Udated, but no true stand-alone spreadsheet program and iWeb is part of the iLife update.

IV. Wild Cards- Score = No letter, just extra credit for suggesting some possible surprises. The pro update (MacBook Pro), the iPod Radio Remote and iMac update are phenomenal.

With this pathetic report card, I probably won't even attempt this for MacWorld Developer's Conference 2006!!

Posted by ronn at January 10, 2006 08:45 PM

I swore that with the Intel Processor they'd go for the Mac Mini first. But I guess it makes sense that it's the laptop - that's the slowest machine they make and though there have been many pc to mac switchers as of late - the battery charge, speed and processing power of the powerbook has been a problem for quite some time. Posted by: lynne on January 10, 2006 10:01 PM
Although I was hoping to whip out my plastic to buy a Mac mini with Intel inside, it makes sense to have the PowerBook updated instead (I'm not commenting on the iMac getting a 2nd major upgrade in the span of less than three months!!) This the middle ground and gives a bit of many sides what they need and want. I'm sure the iBook (or MacBook as it seems logical with the PowerBook renamed the MacBook Pro) will be the next machine to transition over to Intel. The Mac mini is probably too small and inexpensive to include a dual-core Intel Processor. They'd have to make a radical change in the form factor and increase the price dramatically. Now do I get the new iMac, or the fantastic MacBook Pro? Ugh!! Posted by: ronn on January 10, 2006 11:17 PM
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