January 05, 2006

Pre-Release Blunder -OR- Shot Across the Digital Bow?

I know some members of the BlogFam think my blog is often a publicity dump for Apple. Well get ready for Mac hysteria with Macworld San Francisco just six days away!!

The web (and not just Mac fanboys and Macheads like me) has been abuzz with reports of an unintentional display of an update to Apple's iLife digital suite and a new program dubbed iWeb:

Apple May Be Readying iLife Update

...A support page for Apple's Garageband music program made reference to both iLife '06 and iWeb, but offered scant details. The current version of iLife, released last year, is iLife '05. Apple does not have a product called iWeb, but it does have its .Mac Internet subscription service as well as its Safari Web browser.

I'm of the mind that Apple may have leaked a peak to deflect a bit of attention from the Consumer Electronics Show. I believe this is especially true considering a certain someone was delivering the keynote at the start of CES 2006.

This has lead to even more rampant speculation about upcoming software and hardware updates and introductions.

Posted by ronn at January 5, 2006 09:45 PM

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