December 10, 2005

Gregarious Art Statements: A Studio Is Born

I am pleased and overjoyed with the announcement of a friend (and former colleague) R. Gregory Christie's studio opening:

Welcome to Gregarious Art Statements, the official website of R. Gregory Christie. I was all of twelve when I started painting in earnest. I began with watercolors; then worked my way through every kind of medium I could get my hands on, capping the first part of my journey with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from The School of Visual Arts in New York City.

I have forged my own style without living in total isolation, cut off from the work of my contemporaries. Of course, I am also indebted to those who have gone before me. Prominent among these are David Hockney, Edward Hopper, Ben Shahn, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Romare Bearden. Their work, along with the work of others too numerous to mention, constitutes a treasure trove of inspiration. The same holds true for my apprenticeship with an abstract painter, classes with a realist painter, and study of age-old techniques in handmade book-making.

His studio will open next weekend with signings, artwork for sale and much merriment. Congrats Greg!

Posted by ronn at December 10, 2005 01:07 PM

Is there someone who can get a message to R.G. Christie himself? If so: Mr. Christie, love what you do (as a fine artist myself and children's book writer)--especially The Champ, which has a beautiful spirit. Am wondering--what was the medium used for the paintings, which reflect your brushwork so well? Is it gouache? All the best, GARY Posted by: Gary on April 24, 2006 09:25 PM
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