December 01, 2005

WAD 2005

UPDATE: Bernie Tarver has a comprehensive list of bloggers posting today

I don't usually look forward to World AIDS Day. Although it's a worthy and important day, I often feel that too little is done about the pandemic. Many will feel as if they're doing something important...

Wait, that's how I started off last year's observance of the day. For me it's about fatigue. I haven't done much about the problem lately. Years past I was a big observer and people came to me (or more likely, I went to them whether they asked or not, needed or not) for advice on testing and orgs that could those living with the disease.

Links are pretty much it for me:

World AIDS Day - The "official" website

The Black AIDS Institute:

Following Rosa Parks Lead in the Fight Against AIDS
As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Rosa Parks’ declaration that enough is enough, we also note that today, on the 18th commemoration of World AIDS Day, Black women still face a world in need of change.

UN AIDS 2005:

World AIDS Day - Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise.
On 1 December, UNAIDS Executive Director Dr Peter Piot met with the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia H.E. Yusuf Kalla in Jakarta. Both took part in special World AIDS Day activities. In his World AIDS Day message, Dr Piot stressed that with increased investments in HIV prevention, treatment and care each and every country can reverse the spread of AIDS.

People of Color in Crisis - I see no commemoration of WAD

The Balm In Gilead - Stalwarts in the fight for PLA and for education of everyone, offers some facts. Here are some:

— Of the estimated 40,000 new HIV infections each year, more than 50 percent occur among African Americans.

— In 1998, African American women constituted 64 percent of new female AIDS cases, African American men accounted for 50 percent of new AIDS cases among men.

— AIDS is the number one cause of death for Black adults aged 25 to 44, before heart disease, cancer and homicide.

— One in 50 Black men is HIV-positive. One in 160 Black women is HIV-positive.

— Black senior citizens represent more than 50 percent of HIV cases among persons over age 55.

— In 1998, men of color who have sex with men represented 52 percent of total AIDS cases. By comparison, in 1989 men of color who have sex with men represented 31 percent of total AIDS cases.

— Although only 15 percent of the adolescent population in the United stated is Black, over 60 percent of AIDS cases reported in 1999 among 13-19 year olds were among Blacks.

— Black children represent almost two-thirds (62 percent) of all reported pediatric AIDS cases.

GAPIMNY, Gay Asian Pacific Island Men-New York, has several links to orgs (not all HIV/AIDS related).

I'll post more time permitting.

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