September 07, 2005

"Apple Video iPod" Offered As Prize

No comment. Just this: this wouldn't be the first time partners slipped up and gave away details of a still-to-come Apple product.

VIA iPod Observer

Cable Trade Group Offers "Apple Video iPod" as Prize

Consumers for Cable Choice, a cable advocacy trade group, is giving away an "Apple Video iPod" as part of a promotional contest, even though Apple has no such iPod in its lineup. The contest asks people to "Create a video explaining how one could use true broadband (interactive video) in new, creative and un-thought-of ways," and the winning entry will be given this unannounced Video iPod on November 9th.

Apple is notoriously close-lipped about unannounced products, but there has been increasing speculation about a possible video-enabled iPod in recent weeks from mainstream media outlets and financial analysts alike. The announcement of media event for Wednesday, September 7th has added to this speculation, though most speculation has been centered around the notion that the event will focus on the long-awaited iTunes cell phone from Motorola.

Thanks to our friends at The Unofficial Apple Weblog for the heads up on this development.

Posted by ronn at September 7, 2005 09:08 AM

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