September 03, 2005

Hurricane Katrina Relief: Author Tayari Jones' book offer

Author Tayari Jones' book offer for donors to Hurricane Katrina relief--

From the blog of the author of LEAVING ATLANTA and THE UNTELLING

If you make a donation to help with Hurricane Katrina Relief, I'll send you a signed hardcover copy of one my books-- Leaving Atlanta or The Untelling.

If you donate through Network For Good, they will give you a nice email receipt that you can forward to me (and use for your taxes.) If you already have Leaving Atlanta and The Untelling, I'd be glad to sign the book for a friend and mail it directly to that person.

I've been asked to clarify the procedure:

1.You go to and make a donation to Katrina relief

2.Then, they will send you a receipt via email. (Don't you love technology!)

3.You forward the receipt to me and tell me who to sign and send the book to! Here's my email:

4. Quick as a bunny, I'll get your book in the mail!

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