July 27, 2005

Random Searches or Racial, Ethnic & Religious Profiling?

Bernard Tarver returns to blogging. He offers some important information about "random" bag checks on the New York Subway system:

If you are a New York City resident concerned about being searched by the NYPD while they hunt for terrorists here, there and everywhere, you should know your rights.

The Citizen's Guide to Refusing New York Subway Searches has information on what to do if you do not consent to being searched.

He also offers information of his recent engagement with the NYPD. I'm already prepared to be arrested should I be stopped. As Bernie so eloquently states, "We Are Not Safer." If anything, we're more vulnerable due to the wasted resources. If a terrorist with a bomb is stopped and refuses to have his/her bag searched, he/she can simply turn around and pick another nearby station that will more than likely not be set-up for "random" searches. Besides, with sophisticated plastic explosives, terrorists could smuggle bombing devises in small items that they can conceal on their persons.

Again, we're not safer. Anyone willing to give up their 4th Amendment rights for simple... Let me not blow a gasket. *sigh*

Posted by ronn at July 27, 2005 03:24 PM

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