July 20, 2005

iPhone to Finally Debut Monday?

It certainly appears so:

via AppleInsider

Motorola plans media event, Jobs likely to attend
By Kasper Jade

Motorola on Monday will host a media event as part of its Annual Financial Analyst Meeting to introduce some of the company's latest products, which may include the highly anticipate (sic) ROKR iTunes phone, sources tell AppleInsider.

The July 25th event is where Motorola will unveil "what's wow and what's now," according to the company. The feature presentation will be delivered by Motorola chairman and chief executive officer Ed Zander. Motorola will also provide a live webcast, which is scheduled to begin at 7:00 p.m. Central Daylight Time.

It was at the same event last July that Apple chief executive Steve Jobs joined Zander via satellite to announce that Motorola and Apple were teaming to bring iTunes capabilities to Motorola's next-generation handsets via a USB or Bluetooth connection.

During a press conference on May 19, Zander said the ROKR iTunes phone -- believed to be the first fruit of the Apple/Motorola endeavor -- would debut in "a couple of more months." That would place the introduction of the phone around the same time as the analyst event.

Too bad I'll have a new cell phone days before then. Not like I'd ever buy a phone just to play my tunes. Afterall, I have nearly 2300 songs on my iPod and expect to get another, larger, color-display iPod later this year.

Posted by ronn at July 20, 2005 02:19 AM