July 18, 2005

Beyond Chips: The MacinTel Deal

via George Kelly

I, Cringely | 14 July 05 - More Shoes

The whole Apple/Intel deal gets curiouser and curiouser. I wonder if Apple even intends to go forward with the changeover? My guess is they will, but only if Intel complies fully with more unannounced terms of the deal.

Another shoe fell recently with the announcement of Intel's investment in actor Morgan Freeman's online movie distribution startup, ClickStar. Here is the most important part of that announcement: "The company's strategy is to provide the marketing and distribution expertise required to enable the release of first-run films before they're released on DVD and delivered directly to Intel's digital home entertainment devices."

What digital home entertainment devices would these be?

I think Apple will have a device that will play videos, but I seriously believe it will be something new. And QuickTime will be a part of it; probably something similar to iTunes = software and the global leader of commerce related to it.

That's why today's other big Mac rumor is interesting:

Music Videos May Be Coming to iPods

An iPod with video? Apple Computer Inc. has been talking to several major recording companies, looking to license the sale of music videos through the popular iTunes music site, The Wall Street Journal reported in Monday's editions.

Negotiations are an indication that Apple is moving to release a device that plays video files, possibly by September, The Journal said. Analysts see the development as likely because of Apple's strength in video software, including the Quicktime movie format and video-editing software, such as Final Cut Pro and iMovie.

This second story gives more credence, IMMHO, to Cringley's hypothesis. "Video iPods" will most likely be souped-up iPods: much larger hard drives, higher resolution color screens (now that all iPods have color displays) and integration with Quicktime. Several companies make small, large hard drives that could fit in a device slightly larger than current iPods. A true multimedia home digital device looks like a perfect fit for the Apple-Intel partnership.

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