October 18, 2004

FYI: Writers Read James Baldwin

Still writing and relaxing and enjoying life. I'll be on vacation starting this weekend. Part of my time will be spent ducking the upcoming elections (not really, but I should may be abroad November 2nd) and moderating the event below:

[ image opens in a new window for printable handouts *hint* ]

Stop by if you can and maybe a bunch of us can go have coffee afterwards.

Posted by ronn at October 18, 2004 12:09 PM

hey ronn! how are you doing? thanks for this..im definitely going to plan on going! :) should be fun... Ryan Posted by: Ryan Canty [TypeKey Profile Page] on October 21, 2004 03:54 PM
Hey Ryan! I'm doing just fine; hope you are too. And I better see you this Tuesday!! I want to hear your take on Baldwin, especially RE: Just Above My Head. Posted by: ronn [TypeKey Profile Page] on October 21, 2004 04:18 PM
I am SO glad to see that you're doing this, Ronn! Posted by: Donald [TypeKey Profile Page] on October 23, 2004 05:21 AM
Hey Papi! Hope to see you there. And maybe we can convince you to join in!! :-) Posted by: ronn [TypeKey Profile Page] on October 24, 2004 03:07 PM
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