August 05, 2004

Afro-Netizen: DNCC Post-Mortem

Christopher M. Rabb of Afro-Netizen (a recent, informative link addition) provides a DNCC Post-Mortem

I was able to represent for the little known, but fast-growing "afro-blogosphere" and definitively prove once and for all that "blogging while black" is not a myth, it is a vital reality that will one day revolutionize the modern mass media mafia, as we know it today.

He was able to meet and interview one of my heroes:

...[O]ne of the absolute high points for me was having the honor interviewing Congressman John Lewis (D-GA) who I learned knew my paternal grandfather, Dr. Maurice F. Rabb, Sr., of Louisville, Kentucky. Both Fiskites, Rep. Lewis and the late Dr. Rabb (1901 - 1982) were civil rights activists and "race men", though my grandfather was significantly older than the venerable congressman.

Check the entire post for insights and the Lewis interview.

Afro-Netizen has inspired me to write about politics more, so stay tuned. Of course, I have a project that may prevent me from actually writing that often for the next several months. We'll see.

Posted by ronn at August 5, 2004 11:01 PM

Ronn, whats up with the lagg in posting Bruh. Posted by: David Scott Anderson [TypeKey Profile Page] on August 15, 2004 12:10 AM
I know John Lewis Bro, he is Phi Beta Sigma. Posted by: David Scott Anderson [TypeKey Profile Page] on August 15, 2004 12:11 AM