May 28, 2004

News: Blacks for Bush

HNIC reports on this recent mention of his org:

The War and Economy Sour Blacks on Bush

Bush supporters point to King's involvement and the president's diverse Cabinet as proof that he's Black America's best friend in Washington.

"The president is someone that is an inclusive leader and he talks to a variety of groups from across the political spectrum and reaches out to people from all walks of life," Scott McClellan, Bush's press secretary, says.

But his critics see otherwise.

They point to the president's opposition to affirmative action, which has been helpful in giving qualified people of color opportunities in education and employment. Critics also note that Bush has refused to meet with Black leadership like the NAACP, despite repeated attempts by Pres. Mfume.

The president's opponents also question his real commitment to educational reform, given that his No Child Left Behind Act remains under funded.

There's even a website called "Blacks for" that is ironically dedicated to defeating, not re-electing the president.

"Blacks for Bush is a dedicated group of African Americans working to ensure that George W. Bush, our 43rd President does not have to serve another term," the website states. "We believe that based on the job he has done to this country, he like his father deserves to go home. We feel obligated to get George W. Bush home to Crawford, Texas and urge all African Americans and in fact all Americans to join us in our efforts; we're uniters not dividers.

"Getting George W. Bush home to Crawford, Texas is the compassionate thing to do for him and for America."

A honorable goal indeed!!

Posted by ronn at May 28, 2004 08:02 PM