April 22, 2004

Still a Delight at 25

( VIA Jay Smooth's blog ) :

Hip hop = one big bang

Twenty-five years ago, Jimmy Carter was president, a gallon of gas cost 90 cents, and Wonder Mike, Big Bank Hank, and Master Gee were the kings of hip-hop.

I remember the big to-do when the record first came out. Everyone had to have a copy. Of course Moms beat everyone to the punch. We played that ish soooo much I think we had to get a second copy. It was the hit of Big Howard's b-day bash and for a (short) time I hated it because it kept me up many a-nights!

Bonus | Music — The Showdown: The Sugarhill Gang Vs. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five

"[T]his collection .. achieve its goals: by showcasing the Sugarhill Gang — who emphasized the party groove from which rap came — and the extended Grandmaster Flash family — who saw themselves as social messengers (pun intended) — side by side, the album brings to light the pair's differences and groundbreaking creativity." -- Randy Silver

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