April 01, 2004

The S---b---- Papers

VIA Terrence Heath's Republic of T ("Eric" may be looking for a job as you read this) :

Note to Eric: U Need 2B More Careful

Did you hear the one about the guy at S---b---s? No? Okay. A guy walks into the S---b---s at Connecticut Avenue and R Street NW on Sunday to get his favorite latte, and sits down at a table.

On the table, he spots four pieces of paper. One is stationery with the heading "Office of the Secretary of Defense," and right under that "The Special Assistant."

It has a penciled map of directions from the Pentagon to Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld's house in Northwest Washington. Another sheet says, "Eric's Telephone Log." Someone has written "Conf. call" at the top and some notes, some in partial shorthand, on one side. These apparently were taken by Eric. > > >

The good citizen turned the papers over to the Center for American Progress. Yes, Neo-Liberals! Here's a PDF of the golden find.

Posted by ronn at April 1, 2004 08:05 PM