March 31, 2004

Time Shifting Your Life

VIA Rob McNair-Huff of Mac Net Journal, Mike Wendland on tech stuff:

Time Shifting on the Mac

I love my ReplayTV. It's totally changed the way my family watches television. I bought it at Best Buy as an off-the-shelf, open-box special, and it's awesome. If you're unfamiliar with the concept, ReplayTV (as well as Tivo and the DVR your cable provider offers), provides a service known as Time Shifting, which is, in the simplest terms, the ability to record a TV show and watch it at another time.

Of course, people have been doing that with their VCR's forever. But Digital Video Recorders make it easier than ever. And now (to finally get to the point of this post!), your Mac makes it easy to time shift all sorts of content, including radio, streaming audio and a surprise you won't believe!

I received a DVD player this past Christmas after my VCR died after nearly a dozen years. So I doubt I'll be getting a DVR any time soon. Still, a couple of the other items mentioned are worth a look:

Another option is the radioSHARK, which is a neat toy from Griffin Technologies. It's a shark-fin-shaped AM/FM radio that attaches to your computer so you can record radio. It also comes with software that allows you to schedule recordings and save them, archive them, put them on an iPod, etc. It retails for around $70.


I have to thank the inimitable Andy Ihnatko for pointing out Comictastic. It's a simple little application that fetches comic strips from the internet for you. It downloads them on a schedule you set and saves them, by strip, in order. The complexities of the business-side of comics keeps the developer from including pre-created links to most well-known strips, but the app is powerful enough to find just about any comic strip that is published online. Basically, if you can read the comic in a web browser, Comicatastic can find it for you and download it.

It costs only $15 and it's worth it, especially if you don't yet know about the UF Gang.

UF Gang? Never heard of them. If I get Comictastic, it'll be because I never remember to check out the latest Boondocks strip from Aaron McGruder.

Posted by ronn at March 31, 2004 11:40 PM