March 31, 2004

They'll Go There

VIA Mathew Gross, Wonkette reports what I read yesterday on a list-serv for LGBT POC:

Richard Clarke: Don't Go There

We have it on semi-reliable authority that the Bush administration's next attempt to discount Richard Clarke's credibility will consist of alleging that he's a big gay. We have a little trouble figuring out how being gay makes you unable to assess threats to a country's national security -- after all, we trust them to tell us what to wear. Still, it is a great strategy.

That is, as long as you don't believe there [are] any other homosexuals on the Bush national security team.I hope Gross is right and BushCo keeps its sniping at a minimum.

A fatherless, unmarried bureaucrat who quotes Dante? Clearly we know which team he's batting for. But I suspect that any attempts to push the issue by the Bush administration will backfire. They've shown the American people in the past ten days how vicious they can be; they won't improve their case by grasping at the irrelevant, especially if it's done in a transparent manner. {emphasis mine}

Then again, I don't put it past the repugnants to fuck up royally.

Posted by ronn at March 31, 2004 09:38 PM