March 30, 2004

Reading (English) Is Fundamental

Mac-a-ro-nies highlights a good liberal cause (btw, she's dead-on re: criticism of those that talk a big talk, but rarely follow thru):

Blogger David Anderson has a project he would like the blogosphere to take notice of. He resides in Costa Rica, a poor but promising country. He is the president of Grupo Utopia, a software development and consulting company. David is the parent of two young Costa Ricans, who are also American citizens. Unfortunately, most of their peers will not have access to the English language at home. They need to learn it in school. That requires books. So, David developed Project Appollonia.

I'm already looking at my address book for friends and former colleagues in the publishing industry.

Posted by ronn at March 30, 2004 11:14 PM


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