March 18, 2004

I Sooo Want One!

Dave Pogue writes about the cutting edge:

A TV That Cuts All Cords

Imagine a bright, beautiful 15-inch liquid crystal display screen - like a plasma, but with longer life and no risk of permanent burn-in - flanked by protruding round speakers that suggest a Picasso rendering of Mickey Mouse.

Here's the twist: Using the carrying handle at the top, you can bring the 11-pound screen anywhere in the house as you work, play or entertain, without being tethered to your home-theater setup. You can park this Sharp on the kitchen counter as you chop carrots, keep an eye on the game as you labor at the grill, catch the end of "The Apprentice" while you brush your teeth in the bathroom - all without wires or plugs.

Of course, I still want a combo VCR/DVD player, a DVR and digital cable. Not to mention a G5.

Posted by ronn at March 18, 2004 07:52 PM

G5, you say? one can say you can set your sights on possible G5 iMacs, or even an eMac by years end... just something to whet that mac-itite of ours! Posted by: dbldbl on March 21, 2004 08:07 AM