March 16, 2004

Writing Advice From A Sage

VIA Anil Dash's Daily Links Blog (OKay, this is beginning to get maddening. I stop myself several times a day from posting items inspired by reading Anil's daily links. It's like blogging crack.)

From 'Writing Advice'

Pay attention. Notice little things. Ask yourself how you feel. Ask yourself how he feels. Note the color. Pay attention to the language, yours and hers. Watch the interaction. Estimate the size. Listen. Listen harder.

I'm running out to get a couple of books and hope there is a marked improvement my blogging. Haven't felt good about this blog for a while and am re-thinking blogging. No, I'm not contemplating ending this, just retooling and maybe a long desired redesign.

Posted by ronn at March 16, 2004 01:47 AM