March 07, 2004

The BlackList

VIA the Black Americans in Publishing newsletter:

BackList--Promoting the Longevity of Black Literature

This is the mission: "BackList is a monthly newsletter that promotes the longevity of black literature through intelligent and timely discussion of publishing, writing, and reading trends."

From the Editor...

I am thrilled! This marks the first issue of BackList, a newsletter dedicated to promoting the longevity of black literature through a discussion of publishing, writing and reading trends.

BackList grew from my affinity for books, my sincere respect for writers, and from my desire to make my mark in the world of publishing.

To me, publishing is as exciting as the news of the Broadway revival of Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin In the Sun, yet equally as frustrating as the fact that P.Diddy will play Walter Lee... It is an ever-changing industry and despite the ongoing cynicism, I remain optimistic. This simply may be because it is my chosen profession, or because I realize the power of publishing as a cultural gatekeeper. Publishing still remains the way by which we can add our multitude of voices to the literary landscape.

Reality is, the publishing of black books is more plentiful than ever. As I see this as an overall great thing, BackList aims to provide a balanced (and sometimes critical) look at black books and believes strongly in that aged-old adage, quality over quantity (read: just because it's black don't mean it's all that).

With that said, in BackList you'll find interviews with industry folks, book commentary, new book releases, publishing news, events listings and book-related announcements.

Although the concepts, ideas, and topics stemming from black literature are endless, my creativity and wherewithal may be more limited. Feel free to e-mail with news tips, press releases, editorial queries, discussion topics, and suggestions to continuously increase the quality of the content.

With this issue, and every issue, I ultimately hope you are compelled to support black literature in the ways you see fit.


Felicia Pride, Editor

In the March/initial issue:
* Ask the Expert: Q&A with a literary agent
* Tip Sheet: The Nonfiction Book Proposal
* Hot Book Releases
* Book Commentary: A Dialogue by Nikki Giovanni and James Baldwin
* Publishing News Wrap-Up
* Events and Announcements

I'll have to steal incorporate some of the info into my eventual monthly or weekly Black publishing recap/newsletter/e-doc thingee.

Posted by ronn at March 7, 2004 11:42 AM