March 04, 2004


Mike Bloomberg is a punk!

Where's Bloomberg on same-sex issue?

Whe-r-r-re's Mike?

That was the question being posed by a gaggle of public officials and gay rights advocates at City Hall yesterday, all of whom demanded to know where Mayor Michael Bloomberg stands on same-sex marriage.

Chiding the mayor for "ducking" the issue and "hiding behind politics," they challenged the mayor to reveal his true feelings.

"Real leaders tell you what their position is on issues," City Councilwoman Christine Quinn said at the press conference.

They do have a point. This week Mayor Jason West of New Paltz, a small town upstate, was charged with 19 counts of performing marriages without a license, after conducting ceremonies for 25 same-sex couples over the weekend. The crimes are misdemeanors, but West risked going to jail for a year on each count - to stand up for a principle.

Posted by ronn at March 4, 2004 11:15 PM

Bloomberg Said to Want State to Legalize Same-Sex Marriages Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, who has refused in his two years in office to disclose his personal views on gay and lesbian marriage, told 80 journalists at a lesbian and gay fund-raising dinner in Manhattan Thursday night that he favored changing state law to legalize same-sex unions, four people who were there said yesterday. Posted by: Donald on March 6, 2004 09:30 AM
Donald: Boo-berg is playing both sides, much like his fellow punk John Scary. Why come out so negatively against marriage equality for Gay men and lesbians and then go on the DL in front of a bunch of gay journoz?! He's the mayor of a city that supposedly outlaw discrimination against gays and lesbians. There ought to be strong support from his office and the City and county clerks for GLBT couples seeking marriage licenses. Period! Posted by: ronn on March 6, 2004 02:36 PM