March 04, 2004

Linner with the Blog Fam

This past Sunday saw about a dozen of us gathering for Brunch and drinks at the West 72nd Street BBQ.

Pics, so far: James made it all the way from Oakland. Fellow Brooklynite Lynne d weighs in. My nickname for Earl of Prometheus 6 fame is Cool Papa E. He was boppin' to the smooth sounds of 70s music as a few of us walked up to him. And for a great look at a few events preceding the event, as well as several pix at all, check out Donald's return to photoblogging. Yay!

It was great also finally meeting Steven G. Fullwood (who'll appear on PBS/In The Life TV this month) in the flesh; seeing ej all the way from ATL again; chatting with Philippe for more than a couple of minutes; and, meeting Madison after seeing his enthusiasm on the BlogFam list.

I'm hoping to see Trent, Tracy, Bernie, PatCH and a few others next time around.

Of course, I don't like the way I look in any of the pics. And I also enjoyed the company of my baby, Ryan and Larry, non-bloggers all; it was that type of meeting. No structure, just good company and great convos.

There are tentative plans for a get-together at a vegetarian or Indian restaurant next time. Stay tuned.

Posted by ronn at March 4, 2004 12:29 AM


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yo this was so dope. who said there were no real connections made online? Posted by: lynne on March 4, 2004 01:26 AM
I am SO glad you didn't give me that nickname on my board. Posted by: P6 on March 4, 2004 06:44 PM
Lynne: It's a lie. We saw that clearly on Sunday. P6: I know better!! LOL Can't wait to do this again and have even more peeps come along for the ride. Posted by: ronn on March 4, 2004 07:37 PM