February 17, 2004

Honey Hush!

VIA Bernie, AKA bejata

Gay Marriage? Honey, Don't Get Me Started

Hets could get hitched and divorced five times a day in Vegas for any lopsided kinda reasons, but it's still "marriage" and "a sacred institution," despite what y'all might infer from watching Average Joe or recalling Henry VIII's unique method of coping with divorce. Meanwhile, your Great Aunt Hattie and her "friend" Willetta been living together 40 years and can't nobody mention it. Let alone have a ceremony, or give Hattie the right to inherit the damn glassware if Willetta finally has a heart attack from eating all that fried food. Talk about Having Our Say, honey.

Posted by ronn at February 17, 2004 08:55 PM

Ronn, I have been saying the SAME thing since this big to-do started. I don't understand it. If you check the record, it's not gays threatening the sanctity of marriage, it's the straight people. In non-gay culture, there is still divorce, pregnancy out of wedlock, fornication, etc. But they have the right to screw up! Umm, hello? I think anytime 2 men love each other that darn much that they want to sign off on some sh*t as ONE is a feat in itself, because you and I both know what the average length of a gay relationship is. It just boggles the mind. Too bad not everyone thinks like me. You know I'm always right. (wink wink) Posted by: nOva on February 17, 2004 10:30 PM
[pissy-ass rant] I hear ya, but I think this is the main thing: MOST relationships, Gay/Lesbian or STRAIGHT, are extremely short. How many of your straight cousins and friends and other family members have a boy/girlfriend one week, then another next week? Many!! We may APPEAR to be more promiscuous, but it's just an illusion. We fuck around, it's nasty and against a man-made book (AKA the Bible). They do it and they're playas. And look at the protocol for getting married in the straight world = going to a club (shit, nowadays it's at someone's home!) a couple of days before the nuptials to have some ho' ass tricks grind up and down on the expectants. This includes men and women. I've heard too many stories of fucking, sucking and just plain ol' nastiness going down. It's funny and cute when straights do it, but Lawd, Lawd, Lawd!! It's typical when we do it and cause for alarm, hysteria and condemnation. I say go out and be you! Fuck who you want to. Be with who you want to. And most importantly, marry whoever the fuck will put up with you. Life is too damn short. [/pissy-ass rant] Posted by: ronn on February 18, 2004 08:45 PM