February 09, 2004

Take Back the Web

By now, MacHeads know that the latest version of Apple's browser, Safari has been updated to version 1.2, but it is not available unless you have the latest annual update to the operating system. After rushing to buy the last two versions, I am waiting to either max out RAM and install Panther on my iMac or finally buy a G5 some time this summer.

Till then, I'm "taking back the web" by trying out Mozilla's new web browser, Firefox:

Get Firefox

Of course, I love the colors! Will be trying it out for the remainder of the month. By that time, I'll know what my plans are as far as my hardware situation.

Posted by ronn at February 9, 2004 06:52 PM

It's grrrrrreat! And, what a coincidence, I list Code Name: Foxfire on Orkut as one of my favorite TV shows ever and lo and behold, Mozilla Firefox ... uncanny ... Posted by: Donald on February 10, 2004 05:38 PM
Hmpf! I'm having some issues. I'm switching to Mozilla 1.6 as my default browser for now. Firefox doesn't open tabs correctly unless you have the toolbars visible. I hate seeing toolbars, bookmark bars and status bars. I want every pixel available for websurfing. Supposedly, if users use another theme besides the default, the problem should be fixed. Still messes things up. *sigh* Oh well. Posted by: ronn on February 10, 2004 09:35 PM
Ah, another FireFoxer? Does that make us FireFoxes? Can we describe someone as being FireFoxy? I like the browser. I've made it my default over Safari. But heaven help me, I miss being able to use keyboard commands to switch between tabs. If you know how to do this with FireFox on a Macintosh, I'll lurve you forever. (Well, I'll lurve you forever ANYWAY, but I'll lurve you just a little bit more than usual) Posted by: Cecily on February 13, 2004 01:16 PM
Well, if I were to use Firefox again, maybe that would make me firefoxy. Mere hours after this post I had to switch back to Mozilla 1.6 -- too many quirks, especially with tabs and simply opening new windows. I don't know if it's the lack of Panther or my ol' ass computer, but I'll see about that soon once I install RAM and upgrade the OS. You know I gots much lurve for ya 2! Posted by: ronn on February 13, 2004 07:22 PM