January 28, 2004

Lynne d Conversates

Blog: Why Do You Write: Lynne

Well I started this whole blogging thing, without really knowing there were blogs or what I was doing. I put up a website in the summer of 2001, after being laid off from my gig at BlackPlanet.com. I primarily put it up as a resource for job-hunting, and mainly freelance writing. So it was my online biz card. But I had decided from the outset that I'd include a diary. I needed an outlet for my voice, when I wasn't doing any professional writing. Through time, I met other bloggers like George at allaboutgeorge.com and Cecily at formica.ca, and they helped me to find other bloggers and to really understand what a blog or online journal could become. At times, I've used it just to deal with my day-to-day, and other times I've used it to share my day-to-day, and even other times as some sort of cultural criticism space. I guess overall, I'd have to say it's similar to any other type of journal, it helps you work through your shit and deal with self, and also to know self and bond with self.

Posted by ronn at January 28, 2004 01:15 AM