December 31, 2003

Michael Jackson Hates Your Cracka Ass

[ Via Prometheus 6, linking to this piece of NY Times trash ] :

Nation of Islam Is Said to Control Michael Jackson's Business Affairs

I'd rather not quote from the article, just note that mainstream (read: WHITE!) media is eating this shit up like manna from heavan. While I don't believe MiJak's accusations of physical abuse and snide commentary by a couple of officers, to see the lead screaming Banshee Diane Dimond nearly foaming at the mouth about the timeline (*hint* see: OJ Simpson) not gelling with his allegations is almost sickening to me. I'm still waiting for Dimond to produce MiJak's "love letters" written to the boy. Hell, I'm still waiting for that '94 video to finally appear. This twat has no credibility and has an obvious ax to grind. (Google her name, Michael's, "video," and, "slander lawsuit" yourself.)

I've read several blogs and heard in person several white people complain/whine about the interviewer. But not so much about his style: "Why did Ed Bradley have to interview him!?" Anyone that believes it's not because of Mr. Bradley's race is a fool, liar or Republican (yeah, I know, same difference). I guess the brotha gave Mike some slack. [/sarcasm] Yes, it was sometimes painful to watch. Why Geragos allowed the interview, why Bradley wasn't more on-point, more forceful in questioning Mike is beyond me.

Until the NOI comes out and proclaims its intent to assist Michael, until the man himself says he is involving the org, I won't believe a word of this bullshit. I can't accept the remarks of "anonymous sources" and disgruntled former employees/NOI members.

A trial is probably many months away and he's already convicted in the eyes of many because he's weird. Maybe I'm just a simple Black man from Brooklyn, but this looks like nothing more than another extortion plot by a financially desparate, morally bankrupt parent. Given the absence of any physical evidence, no talk of circumstantial evidence and the obvious hatred on the part of the sneering DA (and much of white America), I have serious doubts that Michael will receive a fair trial or that this won't dissolve into another sad case of race and religion being used to divide.

Posted by ronn at December 31, 2003 12:14 AM


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I read about this at Blogcritics, but they are pretty Right Wing, so I wanted another weblog source before blogging it. If the connection between Jackson and NOI is for real, that is effing amazing. Jackson must be desperate for 'friends.' Posted by: Mac Diva on January 1, 2004 12:50 PM
Mac Diva: Michael is desparate for sealed lips. AFAIK, the NOI is providing security for his Neverland estate and for other properties. Even that isn't a direct link as there are several chapters throughout the nation that provides security for clients. Given all MiJak has to lose, top-notch security is a must. While I wholeheartedly disagree with the NOI/Farrakhan, there is general agreement that their security is first class. Again, given that this was first hyped by the NY Post, I take all these claims with a boatload of salt. Posted by: ronn on January 1, 2004 11:20 PM