December 14, 2003

Got Ya Koufax Here!

Been meaning to post about this:

Wampum: The 2003 Koufax Awards

The time has arrived to begin the nomination process for the 2003 Koufax Awards. This is the second year of the awards. In the fast moving world of blogs, that qualifies them as a tradition. The purpose of the awards is to recognize and applaud the best of the left. It is supposed to be fun for us and for you. Please take the awards in the spirit in which they are offered.

Mary Beth and I will be accepting nominations during the month of December. Nominations may be submitted either by comment to this post or by email to either of us. The email addresses are at the right. Each week for the next few, we will attempt to post links to nominated posts and blogs so that we may have an informed electorate.

Some categories recognize specific posts. We request that, if possible, your nominations for those categories contain a hyperlink. Someone has to locate the link and if last year’s experience is any indication, locating all of the links for nominated posts is a lot of work. Help us out if you can. If you can not, describe the post as best you can and I will try to hunt it down.

I have to wade through a lot of bookmarked posts and do plenty of websearches, but I intend to nominate a few bloggers for their excellent work.

And I can't believe someone nominated me for "Best Post" for my Linda Fairstein, Lying Coward entry in January. I thought it was too rambling and given that I've pretty much abandoned posting to the Central Park 5 section, it made me smile a bit. Maybe it will inspire me to write more. While the story has died down a great deal, there is a tremendous amount of info and feelings that I can write about. Stay tuned.

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