December 09, 2003


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ronn taylor's 1st Big Post of Life

Top 5 things wrong in my field of vision right now:

1. Joe Lieberman's "If I don't get that nomination, no one will" attitude.
2. The white press wilding witnessed in l'affaire MiJak
3. All of my former favorite TV programs -- I can't remember the last time I watched ER, Law & Order, and especially Third Watch (shit, just got reminded of this when I saw Sully browsing in Barnes & Noble today)
4. Joe Lieberman as a human being. A very annoying fucking human being.
5. George Bush and all of his flunkies. I swear ta gawd: I'll really consider a temp move to Canada should this asshole win again/this time.

Name four things you wished you had:

1. Clients. Shit, I'll wish for a single damn client.
2. A 3-gen iPod
3. A decent, used PowerBook.
4. I was going to say more money, but #1 takes care of that. So a bit of time to enjoy life and fam and just being ronn.

Name four smells you love :

1. My baby's particular scent filling my nose.
2. Big Mama's Anna's place. Especially if she's burnin' in the kitchen.
3. Ol' school Nubian musk.
4. Me burnin' in the kitchen.

Name four things you are thinking about:

1. My baby.
2. Clients.
3. Boston.
4. Chatting online.

Name four things you did today:

1. Hit the snooze alarm too many times.
2. Worked.
3. Played with my nephew.
4. Checked too many emails & reblogged

Top 5 songs of the right now:

1. "The Christmas Song" by Nat King Cole, the definitive version.
2. "You Don't Know My Name" by Alicia Keys. I "hate" her a bit less.
3. "Touch" by Seal. Thx ej.
4. "Palabras De Alma" by Marc Anthony.
5. "How Do You Mend A Broken Heart" by Mr. Ruben Studdard.

Last thing you:

• Did :: ate a knish. Love that word almost as much as the taste.
• Read :: Plenty of emails, several blogs. And Take Me Out on the subway ride home.
• Watched on TV :: UPN9 Snooze.

Who do you want to:

• Kill :: No one.
• Hear from :: My twin.
• Look like :: Ah, my twin.
• Be like :: me, myself, and i.

Last time:

• Last song you heard :: "Say" - Kem
• Last movie you saw :: "Drumline"
• Last movie you saw on the big screen :: "21 Grams," snooze.
• Last thing you had to drink :: Canada Dry Lemon Lime Twist
• Last thing you ate :: That knish and a swiss bacon cheese burger (well done, fried onions and the works).
• Last time you cried :: Cried?! I'm ronn taylor, yo.
• Last time you smiled :: Just before I finished this. My baby makes me smile, laugh and dream.
• Last time you laughed :: See above.
• Last time you danced :: Danced?! I'm ronn taylor, yo.
• Last person you hugged :: My baby.
• Last thing you said :: "Um, hmm!"
• Last person you talked to online :: Blaze
• Last thing you smelled :: My Sketchers.
• Last car ride :: Some hot mami dropped me off at church coupla months ago .
• Last CD played :: The Last Poets first album.
• Last item bought :: that knish and swiss bacon burger.

Albums playing on the regular right now:

Several burned CDs from DJ Swole.

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Well, this is a knishy post! Posted by: nOva on December 10, 2003 01:01 AM
Love the knish. Smell the knish. Then eat it! (that happens when one rediscovers a childhood favorite) Posted by: ronn on December 10, 2003 01:57 AM
DJ Swole huh? I think I like that. Oh yeah, I really like that. I'm sure he'll be sending more too. ;) (21 Grams? Just say no...and where's the pics of yo baby, huh?) Posted by: ej on December 10, 2003 06:30 AM
ej: I love your new DJ name. Sounds soooo big. ;-) Can't wait for more music. My baby doesn't chat often and feels there's too many freaks and assholes online. So, no pix for now. Posted by: ronn on December 10, 2003 08:42 PM