October 15, 2003

Mozilla 4 Rilla

* via MacMinute.com:

The Mozilla Organization has released three updates -

Mozilla 1.5, the Web application suite. Improvements to MailNews and Composer, enhanced tabbed browsing,and, "the usual improved performance, stability, standards support and Web compatibility." I don't like using large, cumbersome software. See below.

Firebird 0.7, the standalone Web browser has been updated slightly. Depending on improvements, this may become my primary browser. Of course, I expect Apple will offer at least a modest upgrade to Safari, even for those of us not rushing out to buy Panther.

Thunderbird 0.3, the relatively new standalone e-mail and news client has also been updated slightly. I'll have to download this and give it a try. My .Mac account expires in about two weeks.

UPDATE: Mozilla offers the above software (and more) on CD for a just $3.95. You'll receive one year of CD updates. I'm getting one after I test drive the FireBird update for two weeks.

Posted by ronn at October 15, 2003 08:13 PM


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