October 12, 2003

CP5: Five FAQs

1. Who are the Central Park 5?

A. Five Black and Latino teens wrongfully convicted of raping a white investment banker in a highly contentious case wrought with racial overtones. They are Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Yusef Salaam, Raymond Santana and Kharey Wise. In actuality, there were over a dozen boys questioned and implicated, some of them plead to lesser charges, and many -- including the supposed ringleader, Steven Lopez -- were not charged with the attack on the jogger.

2. Who is the Central Park Jogger?

A. After more than a decade, Trisha Meili came forward as the Central Park jogger. While most of mainstream media would not reveal her name, she was known as Patricia Meili after after two local news stations (WPIX, channel 11, and WNBC, channell 4) and a couple of newspapers geared towards the African American community (The New York Amsterdam News and The Daily Challenge) published her name; the former apologized and decided to keep her anonymous, while the latter chose to publicize her name often since it was already known by many.

3. What happened on April 19, 1989?

A. Simply: Trisha Meili was raped and left for dead, and white media went wilding. So did prominent pols and personalities like Donald Trump -- his "bring back the death penalty" ad is infamous, nearly 15 years later. So are misguided, false notions of "superpredators.

4. Why all the recent fuss if this happened more than 14 years ago?

A. One name: Matias Reyes.

5. What happens now?

We will most definitely see lawsuits move forward and possibly large settlements or awards for the five young men. They have gone forward with their lives, especially Raymond Santana.

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