October 12, 2003

Flat Panel iMacs: In Living Color

* this entry was stuck in "draft" mode for some time.

Cute, mindless and wishful thinking:

The Mac Observer - Mac User-Created Movie Explores Colored Flat-Panel iMacs

Ever wonder if flat panel iMacs will come in colors like the original gumdrop? Ever wonder what a commercial for colored flat-panel iMacs would look like? No? Well I spend way too much time thinking about such things. Inspired by the many talented designers at Apple and the music of Living Color, here then is my answer to a question that has nagged me since January 2002, when the machine was originally released. Maybe now I can free up some brain space for more important questions such as why Little Orphan Orange's parents abandoned her. -- George Masters

Posted by ronn at October 12, 2003 01:45 AM