October 08, 2003


Mac OS X has evolved. The fourth major release in just three years, Panther offers breakthroughs in innovation, ease of use and reliability that won't be seen in other operating systems for years, if ever.

OK, I think I'll be in the SoHo store on the 24th to scope the new OS and see about give-aways, posters and such. If you plan to be there, lemmeno.

Posted by ronn at October 8, 2003 09:52 PM

I didn't bother to upgrade last time from 10.1.5 mainly because I didn't think it had enough features to justify the cost. It didn't help that I had just bought a new flat panel iMac a few months before and was going to have to pay full price for 10.2 anyway. But this time I might bite the bullet and go for Panther. 10.1 is still a great rock solid OS though, and I love my flat panel iMac. (I actually have 3 macs, the flat panel, an old slot loading bondi blue iMac, and an old Performa running OS 8 :-) Posted by: don on October 9, 2003 09:22 AM
Drool... Posted by: Patrick on October 9, 2003 10:34 AM
hmm. i'll look for an update. the jury's still out. i'm fearing the price of a Panther. Posted by: ej on October 9, 2003 03:56 PM
Well I'm definitely not shelling out another $129 for Panther. I think Apple should have better pricing for those only upgrading. Esp. for those that bought new systems within a very short period of time. If you bought a iMac or desktop earlier this month, you'll have to pay $20 for an upgrade to Panther. It should be free if you've made a purchase within 90 days of Panther's arrival. Don: till earlier this year, I had a bondi blue iMac. I sold it to one of my sisters because it was collecting dust (and probably insects) for more than two years. My slot-loading iMac is on it's last legs so I can't justify anymore expenditures for it. I'll buy Panther for a new (to me) iBook or PowerBook in a heartbeat tho. Posted by: ronn on October 9, 2003 08:32 PM