September 26, 2003


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Call For Submissions

We are now reading previously unpublished short stories, diary entries, one-act plays, poetry and essays for an anthology entitled, "Don't Piss Off the Cook: The Kitchen Table Diaries." Submissions are encouraged from all parts of the globe and inclusive of all genders, sexual orientations, religions, races and ethnicities.

Edited by Monalesia Earle and Russell Campbell, this anthology will celebrate the women in our lives: their impact upon us, how they protect and nurture us, their ability to prevail in the face of adversity/oppression/exclusion, and their unique gifts to the human race.

We are interested in stories/poetry, etc., that explore the lives, the power, and the influence of women from the back woods of rural counties and provinces (farmers); from domestic help (west indians and blacks); from migrant workers (mexicans); from the families of Holocaust survivors; and from gypsies, africans, muslims, and aborigines. Virtually any story that deals with the power (unrecognized or otherwise) of women--and how their struggles have inspired, challenged, or changed us--is welcome.

Closing Date: October 31, 2003 (This deadline may be extended, depending upon the needs of the editors and publisher.) For complete guidelines, e-mail Monalesia at:

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