September 25, 2003


Apple Seminar Series - Driven by Design

Explore new creative options. Improve font and color management. Produce the highest-quality images. Discover industry insights. It's all part of Apple's continued commitment to provide you with the ultimate creative studio.

I'll probably attend. Contact me if you're planning to be there.

Posted by ronn at September 25, 2003 10:11 PM

*registered!* Posted by: Donald on September 26, 2003 10:06 AM
Well then, I gots to go now! :-) We'll have to rassle up a few more souls tho. Bernie can't make it, but I'm sure there are a few more MacHeads in the area... PatCH? Posted by: ronn on September 26, 2003 06:38 PM
Argh. I'd love to go, but it's an all-day affair on a work day, and I've got this damn work thing... Plus I see there's a waitlist now... All these Macheads in New York... :-) Posted by: PatCH on September 29, 2003 06:15 PM
PatCH: Coincidence. That's International Call In Sick (Especially If You Work In Finance) Day. ;-) Posted by: ronn on September 30, 2003 08:23 PM